Thursday, November 12, 2009

More on the Super Saver Secret

Yesterday morning I published my usual Wednesday grocery list and told you all about the big Super Saver Secret.

Well, here are some pictures to show what I was talking about:

Skagway had advertised their store brand canned vegetables for 45¢ a can…here’s the Super Saver shelf showing their price compared with the advertised competitor’s price. Super Saver priced theirs at just one cent lower.

The HyVee flyer this week advertised Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk for $1.99, so Super Saver marked theirs $1.98.

Blue Bunny Ice Cream is $2.50 at Skagway—Super Saver came down to $2.48!

HyVee’s produce department has naval oranges for 77¢ a pound—Super Saver’s tag shows 76¢ a pound.

I know, a penny is not that much difference, but when you look at your entire grocery bill, it sure adds up! Have you ever seen Super Saver’s demonstration of three grocery carts? They haven’t done it recently, but it is impressive to see: they take identical shopping lists to all three stores and then have the three carts displayed (full of groceries) along with the receipts showing how much was spent at each store.

I'll still be shopping at all three local grocery stores, but if I'm in a hurry and have time to go to just one, I'll choose Super Saver because I'm pretty sure I'll find the best prices there!

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