Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Cards for Noah

There is a 5 year old little boy named Noah Biorkmas. He has terminal cancer and the doctors have only given him 2 weeks to live. His parents decided to have his Christmas early and they asked him what he wanted. He said that all he wanted was Christmas cards. Here is his address, please take a little time to send him a card.

Noah Biorkmas
1141 Fountain View circle
South Lyon, MI 48178


  1. I am going to do this. I also posted this to my Facebook, so I am hoping friends of mine will make cards and pass it on.

  2. Granny, snopes says this one is outdated:

    And the mom wrote this:
    Noah's mom update CarePages this afternoon with the following message:

    "Wow!! Thanks! Please STOP!!!!

    Wow! The outpouring of love and concern for Noah is just amazing! Scott and I never in a million years thought that so many people would want to send Christmas cards to Noah. However, please note: We did already celebrate Christmas LAST Sunday -- November 8th.


    Noah is very ill. He is not getting out of bed and it's time for Scott, our families, and I to concentrate on our son. His time is very short and he needs us.

    Scott and I would like to say thank you so much for the support and continued show of love. However, we are asking that everyone please stop sending cards and gifts.

    Also, everyone please post the stop order on Facebook and any other websites or organizations that you belong to. We need the peace right now.

    Thank you for your understanding in this request."