Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Granny finds some good deals at all 3 grocery stores!

We are so snowed in! Our area got over 10 inches of that white stuff yesterday. So, as I sit here waiting to see if the snow plows come our way, I’ll look at the online grocery ads (the newspaper didn’t make it yet today). All the major stores put their weekly ad online, so go to their website and find the right link. They usually have them up by midnight (or earlier) Tuesday night….

Oh, look! HyVee has sugar for 99¢ this week with a coupon. And, there are two other 99¢ coupons: for flour and butter! Time to start those Christmas Cookies!

The HyVee produce department has pears for 88¢ a pound and a bag of oranges for just $2.48—when I was a little girl, we always got an orange in the bottom of our Christmas stocking. We could open the stocking on Christmas eve, and then get the presents that were under the tree early Christmas morning….such excitement!

The HyVee meat department is featuring a spiral cut ham for just $1.99 a pound, and cut chicken breasts for only 99¢ a pound. Post boxed cereals are 3/$5 and Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk is jut $1.88. Coke products 12-packs are 3/$10 (good time to stock up).

Skagway’s flyer shows red delicious apples for just 58¢ a pound and a 3 lb bag of onions for 99¢. Store brand cake mixes are great—49¢ each. It’s easy to make cookies with a cake mix—check out my recipes!

Skagway bakery has some good bread prices: a loaf of sourdough for $1.49 and a loaf of Bialy bread for just $1.19. And since you are in the bakery department, the meats are close by—boneless round steak is priced at $2.19 a pound, ground beef is $1.79 a pound, and pork end roast is just $1.29 a pound.

Canned beans and canned tomatoes are 50¢ each this week at Skagway. I like to keep both on hand to make chili. This is perfect weather to stay inside with a big bowl of chili (Gramps likes his topped with grated cheese, which is also on sale for just $1…). I also see Campbell’s chunky soups for $1.59 each—another good “stock-up” item. Their store brand chunky soups are 9¢ less than that—so I’ll be looking for some different flavors there.

They also have a bunch of items for $1: Knorr pasta side dishes, Tony’s frozen pizza, Parkay margarine, saltine crackers, store brand facial tissues, store brand pasta, store brand oatmeal…and more! Remember to take your reuseable grocery bag to Skagway and they give you a 5¢ credit on your bill for every bag you bring in.

Super Saver is having a fish sale--$5 for shrimp, perch, mussels, tilapia, cod, and oysters. Check the meat department for the sizes. Shredded or chunk cheese varieties are just 98¢ for 8 ounces. Coke 24 packs are $5.98—not the best price, but for this time of year I suppose it’s good. We prefer Coke over Pepsi at our house. Which does your family insist on? It’d be fun to take a poll! Leave me a comment!

Rotisserie chicken is just $4.98—always an easy dinner. And then I have some left over for chicken and noodles the next day!

Super saver’s online coupons (get them here) still have one for a free package of hot dogs. There is also a coupon for $2 off a large package of Charmin, and $1 off a package of Frito individual packs. They are good just until the 15th, so don’t forget!

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