Friday, December 4, 2009

Fazoli's is giving a free cookie this week....

I get the Fazoli's email newsletter: they are always sending me coupons and goodies.  Just today they sent a coupon for a free cookie (when I buy an adult meal).  Sometimes I don't use what they send, but other times I do. 

Another great Fazoli's promotion (they did it last year, too--so it must be a Christmas thing) is if you buy a $20 gift card they will give you another $5 one for free!  They are figuring you will use the $20 one as a gift and keep the $5 one for yourself.   I buy myself gifts from time to time; that $20 card could just as well be a gift to myself!  (that's what I did last year...) It's like getting 20% off whenever you have a meal there! 

Anyway, sign up for their newsletter:  there's a box marked Join our eFamily right on their home page:

(Don't you just love those warm bread sticks?)

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