Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Granny's grocery list for this week

There are lots of good deals out there at our local grocery stores this week.  I usually sit down at the table with all the ads spread out in front of me, and circle the items I'm interested in.  That way if I don't make it out right away I can find the deals I want later on without having to check through the whole flyer!

HyVee has some “hot deals” on the front of their grocery ad—store brand Chicken Noodle (or tomato) soup for 38¢ a can. It’s always good to have a can of Chicken Noodle soup in the cupboard! There is a coupon inside for Chicken of the Sea tuna for 58¢ (limit of one with coupon).

The inside pages of are promoting their private label (HyVee) products: cereal for $1.88, tortilla chips for $1, 6-ounce container of sour cream for 66¢. They also have HyVee little smokies for $2.49 (quick & easy fixed in barbeque sauce), and pork shoulder roast for 99¢ a pound. Slice & Bake cookies are $2 for a tube. Their olives (both black & green) are $1.18—I’ll stock up for Thanksgiving (one less thing on that list!).

I think I’ll also be getting some more Hot Pockets (great to tuck into lunches!) for $2 and the 24 ounce cottage cheese that is priced at $1.38, broccoli is 99¢ each, and there’s a coupon for large eggs for 99¢.

I noticed that HyVee didn’t have any limited day sales this week! Good! I don’t like having to make separate trips to get the really good sale items. But, I’d bet that they will have another “special deal” flyer in the Saturday or Sunday paper….

Skagway does have a 3-day weekend special flyer with Campbell’s chunky soup for 99¢, ½ gallon Land o Lakes orange juice for 88¢, and bananas for 33¢ a pound—all great deals!

Other things I’ve circled in the Skagway ad are the sirloin steak ($2.99 a pound), a 4-pound bag of sugar for $1.49, Taco Bell taco shells or refried beans for 99¢, and wood roses for 10¢. This one made me laugh: New York Texas Toast croutons for 99¢.

Super Saver has a week-end sale: bottled 6-pack Coke products for $2.87, StarKist tuna for 62¢ for a 5-ounce can, 5 pound bag of carrots for $1.46, Old Orchard juice (64 ounce bottle) for $1.36, and chicken drumsticks for 96¢ a pound.

Other good deals this week at Super Saver I see: Store brand bleach for 98¢, and boxed mac & cheese for 28¢. The produce department is always one of my favorite areas: Bananas are 38¢ a pound, head lettuce is 74¢ each, celery is 67¢ a package, and a 5-pound bag of red delicious apples is only $2.84.

I went checked their online-only coupons, too: Free (with $10 purchase) Wimmers Little Meaty Snack Sticks, Iams 15-pound dog food has a $2 off coupon, $1 off cherry tomatoes, and a 16-count package of AA batteries for just $3.98. Their ad says they have a twitter account now! I love twitter, so I’m following their updates now! They are also on Facebook—see this week’s flyer for details.

Ready to go shopping?  Remember to make (and take!) you list, get the coupons that you'll need, and grab a couple of the re-useable shopping bags!

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