Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cheap Flights--Still Available

An interesting article appeared on CNN saying that you can still find cheap airline tickets and travel rates out there but you have to do a little digging and be flexible with your travel plans.

1. Fly on Tuesday and Wednesday because they are the slowest days of the week. Business people fly Sundays or Mondays and return on Fridays making those the busy days.

2. Fly during the slow times of the year. Between Labor Day and Thanksgiving is when you will find the best deals.

3. Fly to popular destinations off-season and you are more likely to save on your vacation.

4. Buy during the cheapest time of the day such as early morning as airlines will often change their prices several times a day.

5. Scout out the internet and look for package deals. Even if you don't want one take a look anyways because they can end up saving you money. The travel industry if very competitive online and I bet you can find a deal somewhere.

Along those lines, I have found a great deal right here at our local airport:

You can fly to Phoenix from Grand Island for $30 in November (or vice versa)! This is a special price for just Wednesdays and Saturdays….and of course there are a few “add-on” fees. But, still we got a round trip ticket for Gramps to visit his mom for under $100. You can’t drive it for that! (Check out the Allegiant website.)

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